Our Philosophy

ALLPLAIN is a transparent luxury brand that offers premium clothing and accessories realized by first class Italian artisans using the best materials and the most refined techniques without the traditional luxury brands mark-ups.Our brand has been thought as a way to change fashion-luxury and offer more value to customers by focusing on three pillars:


Our way of Luxury lies in the genuine belief that premium quality comes before everything else.

The only thing we had in mind, when we chose our suppliers and developed our products, was providing the best possible quality, without trying to save on raw materials and production processes in order to keep the costs down. We did want to create real value for people and the only way to do it was cutting our profits, while clearly explaining the costs and the processes of the fashion industry.


At ALLPLAIN, we have decided to show to people our production costs and our mark-ups. At the same time we precisely explain the production processes at the base of our products.

We think that value does not lay only in savings but also in knowledge. And that’s what people are supporting when buying ALLPLAIN. A True and honest passion for style that we want to spread all over the world by letting people exactly knowing what they are buying, how their product was made and why it is costing a certain amount. 


What we have learnt in our long quest for invaluable quality is that quality comes with a price. Whether the Price asked is fair or not, it is another story and this is where ALLPLAIN comes!

Most of the brands on the market have to mark their goods up several times in order to cope with high marketing and brick and mortar costs. By being online only and accepting to reduce our margins, we offer premium luxury at a fraction of the traditional price. We can proudly affirm that Our Quality/price ratio is unmatchable thanks to our innovative business model and to a deep understanding of the products and production processes.

“The difference between style and fashion is quality”
– Giorgio Armani

This famous quote perfectly defines what ALLPLAIN is, a STYLE BRAND. Our aim is to offer clothing and accessories of first quality, created by the most experienced artisans, which are made to last. Our objective is to embrace peoples’ values and not fashion trends. We believe in simplicity and traditions meeting innovation.We believe in people who don’t follow trends but create them.